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Special Delivery

Received a special package from Amazon with my heart project inside. Really can’t believe it!!! My first publication. Watch the video for the unveiling of the publication below. Getting over the fear of recording myself so I can share with you my journey and I can document it as well. So many feelings at the moment of opening the package, most of all excited to hold it in my hands and getting one step closer to sharing it with you all.

The idea for this journal came about as I thought about my favorite time of year, the holiday season. The holiday season can get so hectic and we can get so caught up on the purchasing of gifts instead of the true meaning of the season. A part of the celebration of the holiday season is in giving. Giving doesn’t necessarily need to be in a monetary way, but it can be giving of your time, resources and talents. It is even better when we randomly make someone’s day. How much fun would it be to spend this holiday season performing random acts of kindness for others and writing about what you did? You can do this with your kids, a group of friends, or on your own. I know that in the giving, those who give receive so much more than those that receive. This journal allows for you to reflect on what you do this holiday season and gives you ideas of ways you can perform random acts of kindness. Hope you will consider using this journal during this holiday season. Random Acts of Kindness Holiday Edition will go live on Amazon later this week. Also I’ll be sharing some videos throughout the holiday season of some of what my family, friends and I do from the journal prompts to brighten someone’s day this holiday season.

That’s Love,


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