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Random Act of Kindness and The Gift of Coffee

It is November 10th and we are ready to get into the Holiday season. My daughter Ava is so excited to get started in her Random Acts of Kindness journal and even adjusted some of the suggestions to fit the current situation we are in. She tagged along this weekend to start gathering some supplies for some of our days. We will be skipping around in the journal. That’s what is so great about journaling, the order of the days in the journal is a guide and can be randomly completed as well.

As we visited one of her favorite spots she decide that her first Random Act of Kindness was to give the gift of coffee to her teachers. She carefully choose a card for each. One of her teachers even messaged me to tell me that getting the gift was so sweet and seeing Ava was even sweeter.

So happy to have Ava in the videos demonstrating to you the Random Acts of Kindness and how easy it is to spread joy this holiday season. Would love to hear what you and your family are up to.

That's Love,


Random Acts of Kindness: Holiday Edition can be found on Amazon.

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