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Publishing Lesson On Illustrations

Hello Beautiful!

As I continue along this publishing journey lessons are learned every day. Recent lesson: make sure your illustrator leaves enough room on the illustrations for typesetting (placement of actual text on the illustration). 😬. I was devastated when my typesetter brought the issue to my attention. I thought that weeks of progress were down the drain. I reached out to my illustrator and told him the circumstance and within 24 hours he corrected the issue. Just this alone will keep him at the top of my go to illustrators for any books I plan on publishing.

When I started the search for my illustrator I was completely honest. I told him I was a first time author, told him my budget and what I needed and was so grateful to find the illustrator I have. He has been so great and understanding. He is clearly half way across the world, but thanks to technology we have been able to work through the creation of Little Miss and Little Mister. So excited for the continued relationship. If you are looking for an illustrator find someone that will work with you on your budget, will be responsive and can collaborate with you. My illustrator took a chance on me and now he has a three book contract. You

never know what one relationship will do. Take a chance on us newbies, you might be surprised. #lessonlearned #publishing #childrenbooks #illustrators #publishingjourney #author #lessonsinpublishing

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