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Little Miss Video Recording

Hello Beautiful!

Promised I would share my publishing journey, the good the “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that” and facing the uncomfortable parts of the journey.

Today I confess that I have learned I do not love recording myself. Needed to record a video for the Kickstarter campaign, launched last week for Little Miss Wash Your Hands. Thank goodness for Ava, my very own Little Miss and daughter, she stole the show.

I need to find a master class for video creation, editing and promotion, to help me look more professional. It’s a goal, and one day when I have time I’ll commit to learning. However, for now my iPhone will have to work for recording.

The recording is an amateur one, but it’s a start. We all have to start somewhere. I wanted those who decide to support the publication of this book to see the heart behind it. Hope it shines through the recording. If anything it’s all a learning process. Facing fears and doing things we don’t think we are good at gets us one step closer to improving. Keeping it real....

Please continue to support our Kickstarter and to view our video recording at

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