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First Reading of Little Man Wash Your Hands

Heart is full today 🥰. I had my very first author’s reading with my daughter’s second grade teacher from last year. Mrs. Shakespeare is a pro at all things digital, we learned this as we navigated COVID and school closing with her and Ava last year. So it was ironic that she was helping me navigate this first reading to a class over the internet.

I also double dipped as this was my Random Act of Kindness today I volunteered to read to a local classroom 😊

In honor of Perioperative Nurse Week I wanted to share the knowledge of the importance of hand hygiene with a group of littles.

Learned some things from the reading today. First technology sometimes does not work perfectly as planned. Thank God her class was great and was patient with me and my Apple product needs. Next time I have a reading if possible I will need to do a dry run to work out potential technology issues. Last, my book showed up small on their screen so I need to find a different program for that, got advice on one to try.

Even with the technology not cooperating 💯 the kids still enjoyed the story and learned something new today. Kids can be so honest and I wanted to see what their thoughts were. They had great questions and comments. So happy to get there candid thoughts and reaction.

The whole experience brought me back to my classroom teaching days. All of our experiences in life come full circle. Can’t wait to get Little Man Wash your Hands published and mail Mrs.Shakespeare and her class a copy for helping me finalize the details.

This journey is taking a village and reaching out to people in my circle with expertise I do not have has been game changing. Learning to not be afraid to ask.

Thank you Mrs. Shakespeare and your class for the warm welcome and for letting me share! Going to make some final edits and releasing here soon.

Little Miss Wash Your Hands and Little Man Wash Your Hands will be available soon stay tuned.

That’s Love,


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