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That's Love Publishing

Welcome to That's Love Publishing's debut.

So here it is, a dream, a leap into what could be a sea of rejection or walking right into my destiny. But one thing I know I have not only dreamed about publishing, I've actually gone after it and I am doing it. So join me on my journey!

Meet the Creator and Author

Hello Beautiful! I'm Erica Basora BSN, RN, CNOR (fancy letters that mean I am a certified operating room registered nurse). I was born in New York to a family of Dominican and Puerto Rican parents. At a young age, I learned English as a second language. Struggled with academics in my early years, but with hard work and determination gradated with honors. Much of my early education has impacted my confidence in my own writing, thank God for the wonderful editors in this world.

Much of my young adult life was spent in Florida and I am a graduate of Rollins College and the University of Central Florida. Currently, I live in Georgia with my two beautiful daughters, Jolyn and Ava, and work as an operating room educator. Before that, I taught fourth grade and was a middle school media specialist. Seeing my ideas come to life through writing and make it into your hands is a dream come true.

I hope you love this blog and my publications as much as I loved creating the content just for you.

That's Love,


The Journey

I've decide to share with you my journey through the self publishing process. You won't just see all the glam and joy behind becoming a published author; but I will also share the obstacles and real accounts of where I am in the process. For someone like me this is a huge risk. This year is about facing my fears and walking into freedom. I hope this encourages you on your journey. Below are some of my first publications that are coming soon. Join me in this journey!

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